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  • Jim Elter

Save Time & Money with the Tier II Classic Building System

Are you considering expanding your current facility or building a new one? For those projects that do not require a customized design, the Tier II is a great, innovative option. There are many reasons why businesses choose to go with the Tier II Classic Building System but a few of the most notable are:

Short Lead Times

In the current environment, many supply chains have been disrupted and obtaining materials can often times take longer than anticipated. Not with the Tier II. You can receive the building as soon as eight weeks!

Quick Assembly

Due to the nature of the Tier II, your building can be erected up to 30% faster than a conventional construction build.

Design Flexibility

Although the Tier II is not a “custom” build, there is a lot of flexibility with the height, width and slopes of the design so that you can get exactly what you need out of the function.

Butler System Integration

There are different Butler systems that you can choose in order to achieve the look that you want while getting the functionality that you need. From the roof to the walls, the style and color is up to you! Accessories are also available.

Long Lasting Quality

When it comes to Butler, fast and affordable does not mean the quality of the product suffers. Your building will be standing strong and looking as good as new for years to come.

Interested in more information on the Tier II Classic Building System? We would be happy to talk so give us a call!

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