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  • Jim Elter

Need More Space in Your Warehouse? Check Out the Express Mezz™

Space is something that is not always easy to get. You can build a new building, you can buy a new building or you can put an addition on an old one. These options can result is a more costly project than you wanted and take more time than you have. We have a solution! Enter the Express Mezz System.

Innovation goes hand-in-hand with Butler. This was a solution that came about to add more space to your warehouse without all the headache. Butler stated, "Adding the Express Mezz System is a simple solution to the problems that have plagued mezzanine construction for years. Rather than ordering a mezzanine from someone else, a customer can work with their builder to request the Express Mezz System and have it configured to their specifications and engineered and constructed in a way that will last."

The Express Mezz System was designed to be compatible with almost any setting and check the box on the functional needs. This space is so versatile, it could be anything from office space to heavy duty storage.

Some features to note:

  • Standard module sizes range from 8'x8' up to 28'x28' (in 4 foot increments)

  • Standard heights are 9' and 10' clearance from the underside

  • 6 different floor surfaces options

If you think the Express Mezz System is the right solution for your space, give us a call and we can provide more information and discuss your project!

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